Saturday, 3 December 2016

Curtains for Curtains (but looking on the bright side)

The wind was up and the sea was angry: here's a video. I was up for 0800 because that way I can get an hour and a half of watching people play Minecraft on Youtube before breakfast. Learned about a new Mod that I totally need right now in order to survive. Not much time later, Sydney arrived and we went off to acting and immediately we presented our £30.94 to the boss-man who said he'd probably spend it on booze. This was the money us hard-working Victorian street urchins had made by begging at the Festival last week, so is it normal for begging money to get spent on beer? Just asking.
boys on london undergroung duvet setIt was the last acting lesson of the year so we just played games, and then because my birthday is coming up this month, I get to move up a group! I've been in 'Curtain' group so far and next year I'll be in 'Swans' group, I suppose I'll start as a Cygnet. The littlest Street Urchin with the authentic Victorian blue trainers was sad and cried that I was leaving him.
Later I had 2 1/2 hours of Sham where we Minecrafted so much we had to change the batteries on both controllers.
Even later I installed 'Tinker's Construct' which is yet another Minecraft Mod that allows you to do lots of really epic stuff with imaginary cyber-generated cubes.
messiah crucifixion by magnetsSaturday Night is Film Night so I chose 'Life of Brian' in which lots of gullible bronze-age Israeli hill-fort tribesmen mistook a normal chap who just wanted a girlfriend with a rather square jawline for some kind of demi-sacred holy Messiah type, however much he said he wasn't.
It is easy to see how the religious myths were invented when people were as stupid as that. I liked the song at the end, with the whistling and laughter. At last I understand the next stage of the magnet video that we haven't done yet. Here is the first stage, see if you can imagine how 3 people stuck to a steel shipping container might use the song 'Always look on the Bright side of Life'.

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