Saturday, 24 December 2016

Crissmus Heave 2016

hipster nativity scene christmas
8 foot xmas tree and elfJof had to go to work again so us chaps met on the landing at 0930 to start our day. And the pell-mell and helter-skelter was immediate and constant: Kapow! I had croissants for breakfast. Blam! we took 4 bottles to the bottlebank. Aruga! we bought some sugar in the Co-op. Gosh, if only my known associates could see me now, living the life etc.
Once Jof had got home, it was much the same. But deep down we knew we'd need the dining table for some turkey-related shenanigans tomorrow so we resumed the game of Monopoly and I trounced her totally with glee and a bit of sadism. At the end I had £12,722 and a cheeky face.
So here are two modern takes on the xmas scene, one with selfies, Starbucks and Segways, and one with stars, plasma ball and smirking xmas elf in a tie-dye T-shirt.
And after watching Zootropolis, I asked for a sleeping draught to enable me to access Christmas Day without all that unpleasant waiting about lying awake thinking of all the super presents I won't get. But I called it a sleeping Drort having only seen it written in books. Much like Arnold Schwarzenegger in 'Twins' - lots of book learning, but no real life experience of getting a Chloral Hydrate Mickey Finn. Give it time.

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