Saturday, 17 December 2016

Puddlers Xmas Party 2016

christmas party for kidswestaget swimming pool and leisure complexI was up at 8 something to watch some Minecraft videos before I could be told off for it. Very slowly we got our acts together and headed off back to the Westgate swimming pool in Chichester as everywhere else was closed or didn't have the diving board open or whatever. And us chaps continued our marine battling while Jof tried and failed to separate us.
kids watching star warsAfter a quick hot meal we hit the JBs house for the annual Xmas party which is often messy. The PuddleDaddies abandoned us all in favour of the pub while the PuddleMummies tried to get us to go away.
I kept my present for the tree and at the end I tried to go to sleep in the front room but they kept treading on me so I got upset and went home.

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