Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Francophobes (just not Toroidal)

alsatian dog folded up on sofaWe have a thing called PPA which is PE, IT and French, obviously. And because I missed a test last week due to doing the Lego Robot presentation, I had to do it during the French lesson. This was an enormous personal victory for me as I will do anything to avoid French, particularly washing, not eating onions, and not surrendering. Then I did some more Lego. What goes around comes around ...
And I walked home alone again because Bud was at an interview. This is working out for me and I even emptied my own lunchbag and drew the curtains and got changed without being told, is this the beginning of a new era etc.
In maths we have finished Fractions (we don't do anything by halves around here). Now we are moving on to 'Shapes'. Grandad has helped me with areas and radii and so forth, then you've just got to look at the shapes I've already met.
The angled cylinder of the ice tunnel in Alien Versus Predator
The annular wormhole portal in Stargate
The circular orbit of the Nostromo above the alien planet LV-426
The conical Ku Klux Klan headgear in Blazing Saddles
The array of cubes in a lattice of the Terminator CPU
The disc of Sub-Zero's explosive ice hockey puck in The Running Man
The helix of the spiral staircase in Indiana Jones III
The pyramid mines in Total Recall
The spheres of nerve toxin in the missiles in The Rock
The Pentagon where Harry Tasker works in True Lies

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