Monday, 5 December 2016

Key Worker (in Manure distribution)

housecat sitting on microwave oven stupidI don't mind Mondays, especially as you can feel the end-of-term vibe in the air, not long to go now.
So after a reading test another key worker and I escaped the drudgery of normal classes to do Lego Robotics: our competitive presentation is in a month and we're putting the finishing touches, bells and whistles onto our project. We've shortened our sequence sufficiently to include a task where you move some manure around, I remember seeing the tanker lorries doing that in Dorset where all the liquefied cow poo was squirted out over the fields, filling the atmosphere with green clouds for miles around.
large antique keysThen we got back just as the class was finishing a lecture on surface reflectivity and relative absorption of EM radiation at visible wavelengths. We took the test and got 10/10 even though we'd missed the lecture: just goes to show. Anyway, our Robotics group has to be pared down from 10 to 6 to achieve maximum team size for the regional finals and I'm hoping to be too valuable to redact, with my in-depth knowledge, special skills and stuff.
So we all walked up to Ben's old school by Yellow Plum Park and did our presentation for the little people, then we nipped next door to our own infant school and presented it again, we're getting really good at it. Then I got to walk home on my own like so many of my workmates. I like being Key Personnel.

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