Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Jingle Balls

black cat sitting on black rug camouflage funnyI tried to get out of music today, but couldn't. But luckily for us, it was carols practice because we are going to serenade those deserving parents who wait for us in the schoolyard with Jingle Bells and Thing a Thong of Xmas, my favourite from last year.
And I've done lots of Stairway Carolling with the Groundlings Theatre at the Festival of christmas so I'm passably decent.
The boilermen were battling with Sir Wumfalot the noisy boiler. It goes whumph whumph whumph ad infinitum which isn't covered in the technical manual or the Gasman Hotline. The nice boilermen tried everything but to no avail, so they suggested going back to the people who built it and asking them. And we have found that the people from whom we bought the house didn't fill in the guarantee form so we had to buy the 3 remaining months of guarantee in order to get the official GasMan out, a snip at £125, all good fun.
As Jof went swimming I took the chance to re-watch Schwarzenegger comedy flick 'Eraser' with the betrayals and moles and unreasonable weapons and feisty witnesses and Mafiosi and bombs.

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