Friday, 23 December 2016

Run like the Wind (or don't)

work hard getting nowhereToday I got up at 1130. I was just about to do 2 more impossible things before breakfast when he fed me breakfast, which was in danger of turning into lunch.
I saw no reason to get dressed, and no reason to perform any kind of activity until 5pm, when I had to go and get dressed (and do my teeth) some time after the curtains had been re-closed for the evening blackout, gosh how decadent I can be when I really don't put my mind to it.
boy in balaclava in the windThose of a meteorological bent may know that Storm Booberella is currently lashing Scotland with her patented bottom-thwacker with the little fluffy foxtail. But she could spare a trailing front for us Southerners, like a lazy galactic spiral arm. This was due to hit us in the late afternoon but well before high tide so at 5pm we parked by the Pyramids and braved the rain which made my trousers flap.
I also wore my balaclava and the wind took my hat off and whisked it off towards the ice cream hut (closed). In the first picture you can see "It must be love" in the background, these big letters by the battlements look like a Victorious Festival sign to me, d'apr├Ęs the Hollywood sign. We nipped up to see them close up: they are on scaffolding and have individual spotlights. A man ran up and down the nearby steps in the freezing gales and had the nerve to look at us like he wondered what we were doing.
storm barbara southsea seafrontDown by the waterside it was blowy and slippery and the manic raindrops look like seething meteorites or an unexpected jump to warp speed. We didn't have to stay long to get totally wet, witness the lashings of Booberella, and waste £1.80 on the parking meter because I doubt there were any traffic wardens anyway. There, so I got some fresh air for the day. Look, you see that pole behind me saying beware Rocky Foreshore? That's the same pole I was leaning up against in yesterday's picture.

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