Sunday, 11 December 2016

Designated Skiver

lego room with lego heroesWoke up nice and early with the JBs in my room. Because we had been given specific orders to be quiet, we were, and just sat there playing on the various electronic devices available.
At one point, we were given breakfast and we briefly allowed this to interrupt our gaming, but not for long. They were removed at 1030 and because Jof failed to make much of an appearance, I took advantage and kept playing Minecraft and Klash-of-Tribes all day. Jof met me and her most common word was uurgh and she gave up and went back to bed. Even later I showered but at no point got dressed, such is the life of a megastar. Film night was 'Dave' in which an actor gets to be Prez of the US and is guarded by Diamond Dog from Con Air.

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