Thursday, 15 December 2016

Madness Organization of Importance

chinese fake lego millennium falconSo, there I was, eating my breakfast, when Jof barged in and told me off for not getting her up.
Not in my job description, I said, being a ten year old boy.
Anyway, at school I finished my newspaper article about the trial of the villain 'Goldilocks' with details of her known associates and possible aliases.
During break-time 3 of my known associates and I played a game in which 2 of us were mental institution guards like at Pescadero State Hospital in Terminator 2. One played the murderous madman and one played the Doctor (medical not time-travelling), who chose to approach the inmate without our help and was killed.
school project make a christmas cardFortunately he had a brother (also a doctor) but he was Tasered to death as well on the way to the cafeteria and Brother #3 didn't last long either and then Inmate #1 declared himself immune to Tasering and well I guess you just had to be there. We called ourselves the Madness Organization of Importance, call us now on 0800-BARKING.
And I made an xmas card specially for Bud with a nice front but a deadly troll inside. I cut out a jesus-cross in yellow felt and wrote "christ the lord for christmas" on it because he totally loves that kind of thing, Praise Level: Archbishop and all that.
And on one of the jobs boards there was a superb opportunity. A student at the local University advertised for a couple of child actors to be part of a film, to be shot locally. With my finger hovering over the 'Apply' button, I looked further down the ad and it said ethnicity - Black African. I came up with the idea of boot polish myself but then rejected my own idea as I don't like wearing stage make-up.
Tonight's comedy classic: "The Running Man" with 80s hair and classic one-liners like "Oi, Lightbulb" and "Only in a re-run".

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