Friday, 30 August 2013

The Seven Seas of Rhye

breaking news mistake newschopper 2 funnySo. We have investigated the Camp mentality of childcare. From the 1950s, care was either the upper-class arranging lower-class permanent-daycare or the Butlins-related 'Week's holiday for a week's money' internal holiday. But now we have moved on. In the Good Ol' USA, the summer camp led to Lord Of the Flies and Camp Granada from yesterday.
This one has been different and totally wonderful. I can fully recommend the Portsmouth Outdoor Centre and their schedule of manic marine activities, in fact, I shall return with as many of my associates as possible.
sailing club repair workshopToday we had the other side of the mirror. When the average student says "Oh dear, I have double mathematics followed by double History", and graduate to deep depression, I had double Sailing and Double Swimming followed by Double Cricket.
portsmouth cricket club ground kids sessionHoly poodling-moley. We started with Sailing 1. We sailed against the buoys and my team did well. We only capsized several times. We eventually made the round-the-buoys course but the capsizing and the bloke that got ditched into the sea when we were jibbing or tacking and he got totally splanched by the jibbing mast and got knocked into the sea and we all went in at some point and it made our day, er. I also practised swimming in the sea.
past cricket match of the season
Later we had lunch and went out again for lesson #2, in which we didn't capsize but laughed even more.
So, you think this should be enough. But no, he picked me up and we sped across town (traffic jam) to SWIMMING LESSON.
This is my last week as Yellow Hat and I was only 7 minutes late.
Hot foot to cricket on the seafront. It looked normal but at the last minute, just when a lot of the PuddleParents had joined us expecting a quiet beery time, it was declared Parental Join-In time (like last week) and it restarted. Ben lent us his bat. I played 5 matches with Stupid-Head on my team and we lost in the final for the second week running. Later Ben and I cricketed and ate sausage inna bun at the other side of the pitch. It was dark when we left after 2 1/2 hours, double cricket if ever I saw one.

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