Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Everything's coming up Mungles

toy train track shaped like willy penis and balls genitalsAnother early start, but I'm getting used to it. We were first to the Watersports Centre again and that's exactly what I wanted to be as I enjoy helping the teachers get all the stuff ready.
I specially asked to be in a different group to Alannah, whose Mum has had a talking to by the staff following the performance yesterday. This is a shame but I guess I just drive the girls wild.
After morning games we split into 2 teams and each lashed 3 inverted canoes together with log supports. These became our bases and once togged up in wetsuits we attacked, defended, sent spies and eventually our pincer movement with sneakiness ditched all of their biggest soldiers into the water and we won. We also saw harbour seals gambolling, hope they're over 18.
portsmouth outdoor centre daycare
A variation on climbing led us halfway up the rock wall where we had to balance (harnessed) with only 1 foot until only one person remained un-collapsed.
The crate race consisted of teams stacking crates to climb as high as possible against the clock, I was only standing on level 4, the winner turned it up to 11.
Finally we played Wizards, Giants and Elves. This is simply a bigger version of Rock Paper Scissors: the teams line up like an All-Black Haka and take prisoners depending.
Schedule: 0830 - 1700, fun in the sun. 1730 - 1800, sulk on the sofa. 1830 - 1900, kill Jof at Monopoly.
**Bonus** I now have a bedside reading lamp and concealed desk lamp! Does it get any better?

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