Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Just how DO you like them apples?

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Forced out of bed with a 7 in the time. I thought I was supposed to be on holiday.
We arrived at the Outdoor Centre first, the gate wasn't even open, so we wandered around a bit, saw the mudflats at low tide, read the helpful Nature Reserve info-poster about the life cycle of Brent Geese (they pair for life, you know) and eventually a minibus of staff turned up and let us in.
For a while I was the only paying member so we had a scout around. We brought a large box of assorted strange items (in the way only we can) for the supervised cutting/sticking session before the main activities began.
But then Alannah turned up which meant a handful for the staff so we played outside instead.
Today we had a minibus trip to Staunton Country Park and we saw the hothouse flowers and fed some animals (llamas, goats, deer, ostriches, poultry) and saw the butterfly museum.
langstone harbour at low tideThere were no butterflies at all. There were gallons of pupae, but they just look like chocolate pods or Ergots so less interesting. We went back outside and the air was full of wild butterflies and wasps. I distracted the wasps from my lunch by casting out my black grapes onto the grass. I notice they also like apples, particularly if one bite has been taken from them.
In the woods we had a campfire competition and my group's fire won (I have extensive experience of fires) as all of our sticks and leaves were consumed.
Back at the ranch, we played football (or rounders if you didn't like football) and while racing down the wing with arm outstretched for a pass, I caught Alannah out in her rounders game.
We had to go cross-country to reach gymnastics and the pupils were as naughty and disruptive as they had been at the Country Park.

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