Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wooden it be lovely

newtons third law funny mad women hysterical emotionalThe last day of noisy bare wooden floorboards before the carpets are fitted tomorrow. I'm sure they're stylish and (in some cases) original to the house, but you can't walk anywhere quietly and more importantly I still can't get my Lego out. I lost a bit of Lego humanoid down a gap only last week.
house renovation project preparing for carpetsSome beleaguered American tourist has lost his passport, cards and $3k in Southsea and is advertising a 500 dollar reward for its safe return. I wouldn't mind the 500 bucks, but I'd get a new follower as well.....
In school naughty Kieron (Year R) got on the chair when the teacher was out of the room and unscrewed and fiddled with the gas box so gas escaped and we all had to have a real fire drill. I choked on my food a bit at lunchtime when the teacher made me laugh but I finished it all after school.
Meanwhile he did the last of the painting and even put some hooks up.
carpetright fratton way portsmouth flooring and remnantsOn the way to trampling I dropped the keys off at the carpet place and played with a giant bazookoid while he talked about Roundheads and Cavaliers, FFS.
OK. That's it, we've finished. As much painting as poss has been done. As much furniture has been moved out of the to-be-carpeted areas as poss. The yard has been swept and hosepiped clean, O for a bit more money to have the tuberculosis factory concreted over, the haemorrhagic fever dispersal unit blocked, and the Bucket'O'Ebola sanitised.
Jof tried the new upstairs fancy-shower. It has slightly confusing nobs but can be mastered with practice, happens to us all.

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