Thursday, 20 June 2013


newsreader news presenter costume for school playspeaking a foreign language funny fail It's been a tough 5 weeks since we moved, and very hard on me, for I've hardly seen my friends at all, unless you count the one carpet remnant I'm allowed to sit on, and my Lego Heroes (with added brick dust). So the best payback for this deprivation is Thursday Park.
The builders were very busy and I wasn't allowed in the kitchen due to tiling. They were sawing loudly in 2 locations in the house.
summer fun in milton park play area portsmouthI have been cast as "The Newsreader" in the end-of-year play and am required to wear a tie for the first time. My helper tied it on for me and I did my best serious-but-approachable presenter face. I chose shorts because they always sit behind a desk and you could wear a pair of stuffed gorillas on your legs as far as the audience is concerned, Jof thinks I might be one of those walking-and-talking ones but I see nothing wrong with being peripatetic in sensible legwear.
Fortunately the park beckoned and we ran there with my cardboard gun, for you never know when you'll need one.
Then basically we played football against the barn door (the barn door lost 7-3 on aggregate) for ages with added friends like LittleMax, Football Harrison, Curly Sam and others.
contractor refit of kitchen tiles washing machineLater we de-shirted (first time this year we've all gone topless en masse) and played wrestling and climb-the-flagpole and jumped around quacking as only veterans of the old regiment can.
I got my 2 hours of Vitamin D-filled sunshine but cried at going-home time because Bobert wanted Ben's football back. I took this as a mortal insult and kept the tears coming for a further 10 minutes in the hope that Jof would come home and make me feel better. When it was clear she wasn't coming, I gave up and was instantly happy again. The therapy worked.

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