Thursday, 27 June 2013


swedish railways funny sign balloons forbiddenToday is carpet day. While it is nice to have carpets for domestic comfort, noise reduction and not having to wear strong-soled shoes indoors because of the risk of treading on a nail, screw or random bit of plaster, I am mostly looking forward to getting my Lego back out again.
For weeks I have been planning to go swimming in my loose Lego collection, (Ben did breaststroke in the Orphan Box back in the old house) but Mash at Bud's work says why don't you have a bath in it, like baked beans? Tempting.
newly painted room having carpets fittedWell, strap me to a stripper and slap me with a kipper, but the Carpeteer and his Underlayers rolled up early. Jof organised them a bit and we left.
At school today we had Extra-Sports day and we did bean-bag balancing, bean-bag throwing, slug balancing, relays, run between the cones etc. My team came top and I got a certificate and clap from the assembly! Apparently it was Lloyds TSB National School Sport Week 2013 but for me it was just an excuse to win again, and get clap.
After school they were still hard at work carpeting so we left them to it and I cycled to Yellow Plum Park where Ben had called Thursday Park for a good reason I forget. It is nice to visit a different park every now and then. I don't think we did any swinging at all but we took it in turns to ride each other's bikes around, played frisbee and footy and hunt the twig and called each other names.
moorings way park milton portsmouth
I cannot do frisbee the right way round. I throw it like an assegai but get some serious distance on it, makes up for my lack of accuracy. I simply cannot get the idea that I'm throwing it backwards and get very angry when people show me their method as it's clearly what I'm doing. Our pet adult had to retrieve it from 6 bushes.
moorings way milton portsmouthLater all us boys climbed a Yellow Plum tree and wouldn't let Erin up it. She said I was an alien with big ears and I said her name was Erin 'All the rude words' H, because I don't know any rude words past poo. Although we were all equally guilty of being as nasty as possible, I expect everyone went home convinced they were the only true nice person being ganged up on by the others.
When Jof got home I unloaded my angst at great length, just what she wanted when she was trying to see our lovely new house fully carpeted.
We hoovered loudly for ages because the carpeteer's hoover had died, then we went into the loft and refilled my room with all its furniture and toys and Lego! I never want to leave my room again.

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