Sunday, 28 August 2016

You're not at St Richard's now, you know

Struggled out of bed at about 1030, Bud having already left the house. Jof persuaded me to get moving only when we suspected the Café at Giant Tesco might stop serving breakfast at noon: I made it in there just in time. I am fully qualified at Cafés now so ordered up my own breakfast and sat down with my Minecraft book while Jof did the shopping.
Bud was visiting Obscure Cousin Margaret again. She used to be a nurse in a maternity ward which exposes you to all sorts of amusing language. So, the Doctor says "one more big push now, Mrs Batterthwaite" and the lady giving birth says "F*** off you ******* if you ever ******* come near me again I'll chop off your **** you ******* ****, ouch" and sometimes she'd take those special words back home and get told off.
The rest of the day was quiet. I have read so much of my book we have had to buy the next 3 in the series, even though everybody the lead character meets on his travels seems to die, you'd think they'd run out of people on his home planet.

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