Friday, 19 August 2016

Secret Life of Pests

Had a little chat about roadsweepers today. First thing in the morning, I came down and headed straight for the tablet to get another 7 hours of Minecraft You-tube videos in before tasks were allocated. The roadsweeper talk is about work-life balance for those of us still under employment age. You know those 7 year-old Chinese violinists who play in showcase orchestras? Well, it turns out their childhoods are being ruined with pushy-parent stresses and great expectations. So they end up eminently qualified for a long career but burnt out and insane before they get there. On the other hand, a child who spends his whole life watching Minecraft videos on Youtube learns nothing useful and will end up being an empty human whose only career options are sweeper-boy or MacBurger chip technician. Gosh, the mean streets of Pompey will be shiny and bright when my year-group graduates!
vue portsmouth movie posterRight at the beginning of the week, Jof designated today as 'Cinema Day' and true to form, the weather obliged. Bad news was, every other parent got the same idea so Gunwharf was totally packed when we got there and there were only 27 seats left for our chosen screening 'Secret life of Pets'. We arrived in time to get all 25 minutes of loud blatty adverts. During the My Little Purple Glitter-Pony adverts we grimaced and gargled, during the laundry detergent advert we had to move because we were in the wrong seats and the new film 'Sing' looks OK with its theme of a struggling local theatre putting on a Town's Got Talent competition, with all possible flawed personalities and hilarious consequences.
The secret life film was pretty funny with crap jokes and scary animals and a decent soundtrack and a metal-head poodle and a lead character called Max, just saying. The fluffy bunny was clearly the one from Pythons' Holy Grail, the alleycat with the holey ears was right out of Lock, Stock and the fluffy doggie was annoying.
Afterwards we stretched and itched and met Elizabeth in the foyer on her way to seeing Swallows and Amazons. All the restaurants had a 30 minute wait for tables so we went home. Got stuff ready for a week's summer residential camp (like Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah, here I am at Camp Granada) and because it says take lots of clothes you don't mind getting muddy, I think I'm going to need a bigger suitcase.

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