Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Recovery (and Strafing) Day

boys sunburnt face peelingNice easy day with some heavy-duty shopping, didn't know it was possible to spend that much on food. But I got some child-bribery Lego which was a plane to go with my metal plane and Lego rocket speeder, so I made them and allocated one as the Germans and did some strafing.
cycas semillas ibericAbsolutely everyone in the world has the Pixelmon Minecraft mod and I tried all day to get it but it failed and I was gutted.
My super-model looks are lost! My appealing face has started peeling. Not fair. Meanwhile, Jof spent all day cooking and doing the great laundry turn-around and Bud planted a Cycad seed imported from Majorca, sure it'll be fine in our subtropical climate.

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