Thursday, 25 August 2016

Thursday Thumpage

texas rodeo drunken idiotsToday we did Tower Climbing and raft building.
A new friend moved into our tent.
Thursday night is Campfire Night. At 7pm we gathered in the outside auditorium and all the leaders and helpers did a song'n'dance extravaganza for an hour. It's all inclusive so all the kids and assorted parents had to join in, in a variety of languages with silly songs, very Hi-de-hi but with added Spanish. In fact, while all the English Vaudeville cabaret stars are entertaining the hotels of Mallorca, the Spanish natives are over here looking after the kids.
ymca fairthorne manor residential daycampsEventually my own dear parents arrived and I got lots of hugs and told tall tales of derring-do and ziplines and kayaks and we clapped and sang and I turned down the chance to roast a marshmallow, opting to show off my tent instead.
I got a sack of chocolates from Jof to share out and after all the dire warnings about not taking mobile phones because nudie pics of kids could be uploaded to the net in a trice, they said cameras were encouraged so I got my camera back for the last night.
ymca fairthorne manor campsiteHaving an absolute blast, but looking forward to being picked up tomorrow.

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