Saturday, 20 August 2016

The Egg Cup of Success

mallorcan pottery egg cup brightly colouredJoy! I have been seeking the ultimate egg cup for a while (ie one that actually fits an egg) and at last, the one I bought in Mallorca is right! The English ones were good for geese, the Greek one was good for quails, but the Spanish one works! It's amazing what little things make you happy.
clarks shoes back to schoolJof demanded we go into town and get told off and blown around by the wind. I bought shoes and books. As we walked home past all the football crowds, the wind stole and permanently removed from our possession the packet of washing-up scrubbies. And it happened right in front of some Policepersons, and they didn't do anything.
Later, the roiling sea tried to wash away our sea defences again and I stayed in to invent an automatic potions lab and a Minecraft block that will transport you to the roof of the world. Later, I chose 'The Italian Job' for the family movie but during drunk-shower-time, I heard the synopsis of "Lock, Stock and 2 smoking barrels" and that's my next film night. I was still out-shouting Jof at midnight.

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