Friday, 12 August 2016

Burping, Farting, Gurning

victoria park portsmouth pokemonToday was a day off with Jof. Normally I would expect extensive lounging with a touch of lizarding, multiple sofas, a hint of chocolate and 23 1/2 hours of nothingness.
But we can't have everything our own way can we, and by 2pm we had to catch a bus to Gunwharf to see the Belgian Flower Gardeners. On the way, Jof suggested we get off the bus early to get some walking exercise in Victoria Park, and had I known that, I would have divorced her forthwith. But it turned out that Victoria Park is THE central location for Poké-mongoing this side of the universe and it was comically full, nay, clogged, with drongos wandering around glued to their phonios.
There was even some helpful street-graffiti pointing out the best places to trap locally-grown Pokémon. I did very well indeed in an area full of Rose-bush Pokies, Memorial-based Pokie-stops and open space Poke-droids.
coins tokens medallions ebay groupBut we'd actually gone out to see the Belgian Flautist Group at the cinema. This Brilliant Film Gathered many positive reviews and I liked it too. I particularly liked when the Banal Friendly Gathering turned into a Gruesome Fiend Grenade and the BFG blew happy dreams to the whole country, and all the corgis farted.
In the evening Jof went swimming so we watched 'Rocky' which was slow to start and VERY 1970s but once the chap from Predator had started pummelling Rambo from Demolition Man, it all came alive and they beat the poodles out of each other and I can't wait to see Rocky 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 and 8 and I believe there is a Rocky 37 and that's when I had to go to bed. Incidentally, I am selling off all my duplicate coins so here I am with 8 kilograms of assorted currency, as you do.

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