Friday, 5 August 2016

Cave Train Day

porto cristo mini train mallorcaBullied awake at 0900, we breakfasted in the main restaurant which was overwhelmed by the vast amounts of newly arrived tourists of all nations stumbling around holding plates and looking lost. Investigated the top floors of reception and it was cloudy and windy (not inside).
Bought an inflatable rubber ring in the shop where you get 10% off if you have a hotel Wristband of Belonging and stood admiring the vast amount of funny alcohol bottles while the lady of the shop used the air pump to inflate the ring, very slowly, probably as a punishment for only spending 9 Euros and then getting 10% off. I like 'Tobacco' Rum and 'Original Sin' spirit of unknown denomination. We won't be buying Tunel this time.
You're only allowed to use inflatables in the kiddie end of the pools so I did that for ages and then we all sat and read, how twee. I finished Potter and the Cursed Child. At lunchtime I dropped a plate and cut my thumb and it bled lots and Jof called the Head Waiter and 3 of them came over and applied a plaster and patted my head a lot in Spanish.
The Tren (tourist road-train ride) was due to leave our stop at 1440 so we turned up with 10 minutes to spare. Time means nothing to these people so the train duly trundled past in the wrong direction some 20 minutes later, doing its loop, and when it reappeared 37 minutes behind schedule, it was so full we had to leave some behind. But at least we scored some seats, even if they weren't together.
The carriages fishtailed wildly on the open road and it struggled up the hills but the driver didn't quite have to tell us to get out and push. On roundabouts it was obvious he couldn't do an emergency stop so he just sailed over them and hoped. We got off at Cuevas del Drach which is the big cave system tourist attraction. They have a large car park and the centre was so busy we couldn't get tickets till 1800 so we said pants to this, and bought some for Sunday.
porto cristo mallorca yacht marina
Walking into Porto Cristo, we saw the glass-bottomed boat docks and walked along the Marina, choosing luxury yachts for Lottery Day. Bought some touristical booty in a shop on the main square, T-shirts, seashells, all the usual things, and I got an egg cup, increasingly a habit. Bud said hurry up we have to get the Tren back but we couldn't find the stop, by the time we got back to the bridge, the Tren sped past on the other side without stopping. Trudged back up the hill and hailed a cab home for 6 Euros. Thus I have a complete set of unused Tren return tickets, if anyone needs them.
There was just enough time for tea and cakes at D-wing pool before supper. I have made it my own personal challenge to try out every one of the little desserts-in-a-cup and scored a few more, 2 were nice but one was rice (AKA Plutonium) pudding. Jof feels the same way. The rest of us had deer, swordfish, lamb, assorted marine crustaceans and chips, guess who.
silhouette insotel cala mendia mallorcaOur choice of evening entertainment was a Michael Jackson extravaganza in the main bar or Moulin Rouge at the local. Problem was, last night's technical failures had put back the start by 45 minutes so people had given up, this time it was much busier. We had forgotten the cardinal rule of hotels in that you choose yourself a place early, dibs it and hold on for hours. This has also applied to towels on sunbeds, even though every second signpost is about not using towels to reserve sunbeds. I got a lucky break when some brats went to bed and the others sat in Wasp City. We saw the convoluted story that I didn't understand but many people pranced and mimed to the soundtrack including the Voodoo priest from Live and let Die and some geezer dressed in carpets. My eyebrows are just little blonde shiny lines now, and Jof got Prosecco-related hiccups.

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