Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Wednesday Water Games

castle field southsea victorious festival
diving bord swimming pool fail painfulIt is almost as if something is happening on my home turf, with cranes and stages and Hollywood-style lettering.
Today we did Kayaking, although I spelled it Kiacking. I have officially added a Kayak to the Lottery Dream. Bud is welcome to his house with River Thames frontage because then I'll be able to have a kayak.
catle field southsea ramparts victorious festivalWe did the Blind Trail, a woodland walk where you have to be blindfolded and proceed following spoken instructions. In some cases, it was the Blind leading the Deaf.
Later, archery (not blindfolded). I have done this before and it was awesome, with proper bows and stuff. In the evening we had a disco!

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