Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Flippin' Eck

I like days off with Jof. Well, I did, until this one, when she had to go into work and I had to sit there and read for 40 minutes. Most unfair. This left us 3 hours adrift without breakfast so we had a MacDonald's, I am allowed one of these every holiday apparently.
flip-out trampolines paulsgrove coshamMy requested activity of the day was Flip-out. This is a place of trampolines just off the island: one of a chain but who cares. Sydney told me about it so I have been waiting to go for ages. Jof told me about it first, but I'd forgotten. So we got in the car and there was an ambulance in the road, leaving slightly too small a gap to drive a bus through so Jof had to do a 17-point turn in the road, and I must admit I was a little cruel and cackled madly at her steering antics.
When we got to Flip-out, we saw that it was a large square new-build light industrial unit on the outskirts of town, with its own car park. Jof parked just that little bit too close to the next car and couldn't open the door properly and fought to escape the car in constricting circumstances, and I must admit I was a little bit cruel by laughing at her a lot.
flip out trampoline club coshamInside it is black and green and hot and every surface is a trampoline apart from the dividing lines, some of the walls are bouncy and there are plenty of foam pits and for those with jumpy legs, it's a real hoot. I am sadly beset by extra gravity which is hormonal I assure you and Jof was a little bit cruel when she laughed at me for spending so much time falling over. But it's really funny and you get an hour and it's very hard work and it's lucky we booked because the whole place was booked out by a coach party the hour after we were there.
On the way out, the car was still wedged into a corner and she couldn't get in her own door or clamber across from my door and she was head-down in the footwell when I said move the chair back then and she finally made it in with embarrassment and pink-face and I might possibly have guffawed cruelly at her, but I have had a great teacher. Mmm.
This was the end of my registered activity for the day, having earned extended sessions on Minecraft.
Then, as soon as she went swimming, we put on "Lock, Stock" and laughed at the Cockney gangster antics. This may have been against protocol but I loved the Lunnon accents and random shootings, like many other items I have enjoyed.

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