Thursday, 18 August 2016

Advanced Wetware Prototype

glass skull full of electronicsAt last! A real actual day off. OK, so we went shopping, but instead of touring the park playing Pokémon Go, I chose to sit in the supermarket canteen with a drink and a chocolate bar and watch Americans playing Minecraft on Youtube, until my tablet ran out of charge. Only then did I help with the shopping.
After lunch, we went to the local park, but again, I failed to Pokémongo (am I losing interest?), just wandered around a bit, meeting George C and Fridge Fraser. The park was busy with running screaming people, not a terrorist attack so much as a normal sunny summer holiday day in the park.
terminator head glass head with circuit boardsI chose not to watch Rocky 2, because I'd found a new Minecraft server where you mine 12,000 blocks to get a packet of pumpkin seeds, you can see why it's so popular.
Haha, fooled you. You've been talking to a machine...
I can now admit that I've been a robot all along, sent to this world to blend in and learn about your pathetic species before my robotic overlords' battlefleet arrives and strips the planet of all its phosphates. This is Spare Head 1, I generally give them a 6 month rotating tour of duty.

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