Sunday, 21 August 2016

One Small Step for Boy, One Giant Leap for Boykind

ymca fairthorne manor residential campsiteDepending on how you look at it, I either spent the whole morning doing exactly what I wanted (Minecraft videos on Youtube) or I wasted the first half of the day, waiting for the main event which was leaving home forever.
Us deserving students in the academy of life get 6 splendid weeks of holiday in the summer. For some reason, adults don't get this much so they have to share me out between them. This is still not enough because of minor details like all the other holidays and half-terms and random teacher-training days etc scattered through the year.
So recently I have been packed off to week-long activities such as a week at the watersports centre, sailing, acting, and at Fairthorne Manor which is a vast sprawling YMCA campus which runs year-round camping and laudable activities for the young, and you get to go home every afternoon. But they also do residential weeks, and I'm on one. Thus there will be a delay before I am able to fully report on the week I will have had.
ymca fairthorne manor residential camping siteWe drove there with Jof navigating by phone, me navigating by map and Bud reading the road signs. It seems quite a big place and we parked under a vast tree and approached the lady with the clipboard who sent us to the lady with the desk and she sent me to the lady who can remember everyone's name and she sorted me out some digs in a tent sharing with Han who is Turkish and Isaac who is tall.
Then we strolled around the grounds a little and the campfire is where we sat up late a couple of years ago and you could see vast climbing frames and rope swings and the boathouse by the river and lakes and gosh, it's going to be a busy week, better had be for £300. Jof hugged me a lot whether I wanted to or not and then I was officially handed over and I was on my own! That's when it started raining. We were all supposed to be asleep by 930 but we shut down at 0130.

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