Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Fame (Fortune later)

optimist pessimist opportunist make money from stupid peopleThe park was all white this morning with frost. We rushed through so it didn't rub off.
Ben 2 and I are collaborating on Harry Potter 8 and he brought in the reworked front cover, reproduced here and © us.
Against my better judgement I agreed to rip up the Lego railway track that Ben 1 and I had spent so much time making, so Zoe could hoover. But tomorrow we'll put it all back in a new and interesting format.
home made harry potter bookMeanwhile Bud was in the doctor's waiting room for his NHS Old Person's Health Check for 50 minutes before called in, so fell asleep. Just like old people, in fact, if the woolly hat fits.
At gym today one boy in another group recognised me from this my wonderful online publication and called me Professor! Had to happen sooner or later, I suppose.
Anyway I was awesome and came first in re-grasps or forward diving lunges or flying reverso-cantileverets or whatever they were, while the sleet started outside.

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