Monday, 24 July 2017


Recently I have changed. We've all changed. I used to speak on here with the voice of a 7 year-old, but that is no longer the case as we all grow up and speak about different, less appropriate or child-friendly things.
So now this blog, like our innocence, will remain firmly rooted in the past, as my daily thoughts migrate to a new, private, invite-only blog invisible to search engines. If you know me, you can always ask to read the new version.
The Professor and his 7 year's worth of adventures on this new and interesting planet will stay available as an online resource as it gets 100,000 page-views a year from people searching for things from Majorcan children's songs to museum reviews, with special favourites the protect-yourself-from-spam page and the one about cardboard castles.
But to avoid further conflict about publishing the faces of children, or revealing (and protecting) their thoughts, I reluctantly retreat behind a veil of cyber-secrecy, while admitting that I, and everybody else, need to move on. Shame, but there you go.


Hi! I'm glad you want to comment, for I like messages from humans. But if you're a Robot spam program, Google will put you in the spam folder for me to laugh at later.